A new era for ice hockey is rapidly approaching. It is the time to choose the next progressive steps for the future of ice hockey, find solutions not only for immediate challenges, but prepare in advance to successfully address challenges that lie further ahead of us and require a proactive and farsighted approach.

It is an honor for me to contribute to initiating and debating new ideas, concepts and visions.

I am old enough to have 20 years of professional involvement within ice hockey, the Olympic Movement and other sports
But young enough to understand the next generations’ needs
Linking the past, present and future

Growing up in the international ice hockey family I went all the way from having my first behind the scenes glimpse of the IIHF World Championship in 1993, to majoring in sports management, becoming General Secretary of a national federation, and to being elected as an IIHF Council Member.

The wide range of responsibilities and roles I have had throughout my career, both on international and national levels, have equipped me with detailed knowledge, management competence and valuable connections needed to oversee successful operations and development of a major international sports organization.

I am as motivated and devoted as ever to use all my energy, expertise and leadership skills to start Creating the Future Now for ice hockey and its every stakeholder.